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Submitted on
March 5, 2011
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                          It's More Than You Think
                        [Switzerland X Liechtenstein]

"Hello oni-san, did you have a good rest?" the sweet Liechtenstein asked Switzerland, her older brother, as he groggily got out of his bed.  Her light blueish green eyes that matched his own seemed to pierce though him like a sword.  They were ever so gentle, with a slight redness that brightened her cheeks.  She smiled gently at him, awaiting a reply.  He hadn't notice that he had been standing there, just staring at Liechtenstein.  He shook his head, as if denying something.

"Oh, uh, yes... I am going to change," he finally replied, quickly running into the bathroom so that she didn't see his flushed face.  He splashed some cool water on his face, staring at himself in the mirror.  He took off his pink pajamas, the one's that Liechtenstein had made especially for him out of her appreciation for him.  Is it all right to love Liechtenstein?  Not in the brotherly way that he usually shows, but he loved her.  He wanted to show his true love for her, but then he feared that she didn't love him the way he loved her.  He was afraid that she had fallen for another.  Although...he had never even saw her with another man...she had always wanted to be next to Switzerland everyday, every night.  He was also not sure what to say exactly, for he had never shown signs of loving her any other way than his little sister.  He through on his normal, green uniform as he usually wore.

As Switzerland was in the bathroom getting changed, Liechtenstein seemed to be nervous.  She twiddled her thumbs, looking down at the ground as she waited for her elder brother to get changed.  She had always said that she loved him like a brother, but there was more to it than that.  She had always loved him more than that.  She never showed it of course, she mustn't get out of place.  She always looked up to him and never wanted to disappoint him in any way.  She feared that he would get mad at her for getting out of place.  Although she knew that Switzerland would never hurt her, she just felt that if she told him her true feelings, he would not treat her the same.  She had kept it all inside.  She patiently waited outside of the bathroom, just thinking of  how she could tell him, if there was a way.

Switzerland stepped out the bathroom, all dress and ready.  He had contemplated about telling her the truth, that it would be the perfect day to do so.  "Liechtenstein, would you like to go the lake?" he asked, knowing it was a normal activity they usually did.  

"Um...yes, all right," she said, nodding.  Her voice was so gentle, it was like a soft melody that sang in Switzerland's mind.  He had to get over that and act as properly as he could, if that was possible.  They walked out of the quiet house, holding hands.  They always held hands, but to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, it meant more than just an elder brother holding his little sister's hand.  There seemed a spark than ran though their veins, causing them to blush slightly.  Never before had they blushed while holding hands, which they usually did whenever they went somewhere.  They walked to the bench that they usually sat on that looked out over the lake. They always loved coming here, always.  It was their special place.  It had been Switzerland's and Austria's first actually, but when the alliance had been broke between the two countries, they were enemies through and through.  So now Switzerland brought Liechtenstein here, it was their place now.

To speak of the devil, Austria strolled by Liechtenstein and Switzerland.  Switzerland immediately stood up, reacting rashly.  "I do not intend to cause any trouble here Switzerland, so don't be so hasty.  I am merely taking a walk, looking at all the place I have been and have left behind," Austria said calmly to Switzerland.  "Good day, Liechtenstein," he had greeted Liechtenstein formally.

"Oh, good day, sir," she had replied back.  Austria nodded, and then kept on walking.  Switzerland sighed, taking a seat next to Liechtenstein again.  Switzerland placed his hand over top of  Liechtenstein's,  playing with her fingers.  Liechtenstein looked down at her and Switzerland's hand, then instantly they caught each other in a everlasting gaze.  Their eyes matched each other, with the most fascinating, loving gaze they have experienced.  It seemed that they didn't have to care about anything, about anything else in the world except each other.  Switzerland looked away, with a small tear in his eye.  He couldn't stand it much longer, loving her just was to much to bare anymore.

" o-okay?" Liechtenstein said, worried that she had done something to make him act like this.  She knew this would happened.  She slid her hand from under Switzerland's, placing both hands in her lap.  She looked down, and a tear came to her eye.  "I am sorry...Oni-san...," she apologized.

Switzerland looked at Liechtenstein, with the tear running down her face.  He had never wanted to make her cry...he felt so guilty for making Liechtenstein, the sweetest girl he knew, cry.  He picked up her chin, so that she had to look in her eyes.  "There is no need for apologizing, in fact...I should be apologizing...," he told her.  "It's just that....I love you more than anything, I can't bare to lose you...I hope you do not reject my feelings for you.  I understand if it's not how you feel, just bare with me if you can," he told her.  Her expression was a mix of shocked, thrilled, saddened and glee.  She put one of her hands on Switzerland's cheek.

"I...I feel the same way O-oni...,"  she said gently, smiling at him.  He seemed to laugh with joy, knowing that they loved each other the same way.  He drew her face closer to his, gently brushing his lips with hers.  They slightly drew back, then he gently pulled her head closer again.  This time it became a lingering kiss.

Later that night, as Switzerland was getting ready for bed, Liechtenstein seemed to linger near his bedroom a bit longer.  "Goodnight, Oni...," she said gently, seeming a bit sad.

"Liechtenstein...would you like to stay here with me for tonight?" Switzerland offered, moving over to the left side of the bed.  She nodded, climbing in with him.  Switzerland somehow managed to hug her close to him during the night, holding her tight, hoping that he had to never let go of her.

All right!This is my first real "fanfiction".That "Thing" I did earlier was just a little...weird thing that randomly came to my head and probably doesn't even count as a fanfic :U Well this is obviously A Switzerland X Liechtenstein fanfic.I hope you like's kind of just something I thought of off the top of my head...:sweat: yeah hope you enjoy it! And also, this picture does NOT belong to me and I disclaim it!And also the characters are not mine!Both the pic and the characters belong to their rightful owners!
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Ish Kawaii, even tho I think its Incest...*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (Angry) 
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~In the World Meeting~

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cocaheart Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
:) (Smile) this is really well written, the way you discribe things, so beautiful.
i like this pairing a lot, but i like Liechtenstein x Austria even more. (although i may be the only one:( (Sad) )
CrAzYhetalian46 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I totally ship liechtenstein and austira CX beautiful
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They. Are. Fucking. SIBLINGS!
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